Thursday, 19 July 2018

Okorocha Is A '419' Governor, I Regret Supporting Him - Senator

Former National President of the Grand Alliance of Progressives, APGA, Senator Victor Umeh, Anambra Central has sued Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State, alleging it is a trap, according to a Vanguard report.

He also said he regretted supporting the ambition of Okorocha Governorate in 2011. Umeh said Okorocha is a "trickster" and a "419" who found his way into what he called fraud and deception.

Speaking to reporters yesterday in Abuja, Senator Umeh noted that Governor Imo Okorocha was about to make history in Nigeria as the only governor who indicted two MPs.

Senator Umeh, reacting to Okorocha's recent attack on Umeh as a non-performing legislator, said that Governor Imo attacked him because he advised him not to dismiss Chief Eze Madumere, his deputy, after having dismissed his first deputy. Chef Jude Agbaso during his first term.

Umeh said: "Rochas Okorocha is about to make history in Nigeria the only governor who deposed two deputies and because I advised him not to attack the current one, he began to attack me.

"I regret supporting him to become a governor of Imo State against all odds, I did not know he's a trickster and a '419' who found his way into the office through fraud and the trickery. "

Senator Umeh, who personally signed the agreement that allowed Okorocha to take power, regretted later learning that the governor was a joker. He also accused Okorocha of attacking religious leaders and statesmen.

The senator threatened that he would publish his fraudulent transactions if he continued with his uncomfortable comments against him.

He said, "Here is a man who answered 'president sir', 'president sir' to me, even in the presence of my police officer, who has worked with me over the past thirteen years.

"On arriving at the office, he suddenly changed, became a tiger and attacked everyone, I have documents of some of his fraudulent practices and if he continues to attack me, I will publish them."

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