Saturday, 21 July 2018

Oh No! See What An Angry Man Did To His N29Million Brand New Range Rover Over Misunderstanding

 An angry customer who was driven around the bend by Land Rover wrote a list of complaints about his £ 63,000 engine (N29m) and left it outside the showroom, according to The Sun UK.

The Black Range Rover Vogue was seen by thousands of motorists a day after it was thrown in the middle of a central reservation in front of the dealership.

The 2016 model is covered with complaints against the company with the message: "Do not use this dealer."

Another message on the back door says: "Range Rover does not care."

On both sides of the car, the customer wrote: "Bad customer service, totally incompetent, lack of communication, impossible to repair the car".

The car has been out of Lancaster Land Rover in Erdington, Birmingham since Tuesday. His owner, a future dad who does not want to be named, says he has organized the event to warn other potential customers.

He claims to have bought the engine as a gift for his pregnant wife, but in a few days there have been problems with engine oil and airbags.

He said that despite a three-year warranty, when he called to complain, he was left waiting for five and a half hours and nothing was done to repair his car.

A spokesman for the dealer said, "We do not discuss individual customer cases.

"A General Manager and a Land Rover representative meet with the customer on site to agree on a course of action."

The event caught the attention of passers-by who posted their thoughts on social media.

In writing on Facebook, Graham Hewtin said, "Well, it's a way of sorting things out, I would have done the same thing."

Kelly Ruston wrote: "I passed this car yesterday and had to make a double check at the signage."

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