Thursday, 12 July 2018

Nurse Arrested On Suspicion Of Poisoning Up To 20 Patients So They Wouldn't Die On Her Shift

A nurse in Japan was arrested because she was suspected of poisoning up to 20 patients so they would not die during her shift.

Ayumi Kuboki, 31, is said to have poisoned the elderly by injecting their intravenous infusions with an antiseptic solution at Oguchi Hospital, about 20 miles south of Tokyo, in 2016.

Kuboki told the police that she had hastened the deaths of the patients so that they died during the shift of another nurse and that she did not have to announce the news to their families, the newspaper reports. Asahi Shimbun.

Nurses at Oguchi Hospital should announce the news to families if patients die while on duty.

"It would be embarrassing if this responsibility reached me," Kuboki told investigators.

Police launched the probe after another nurse saw bubbles in the IV drip bag of 88-year-old Nobuo Yamaki after his death in September 2016.

Bubbles are an indication that a bag has potentially been tampered with.

The doctors found a high concentration of antiseptic solution in Yamaki's bloodstream and determined that he had died of poisoning.

An autopsy was then performed on another 88-year-old patient, Sozo Nishikawa, who had shared a room with Yamaki.

The same antiseptic was also found in his blood, and the police opened an investigation at the hospital.

The antiseptic was then found in the bodies of two other patients, an 89-year-old man and a 78-year-old woman who was not named.

The police also found ten unused intravenous infusion bags at the nurses' station contaminated with the antiseptic solution.

Investigators found tiny perforations in the rubber seals of the bags, indicating that the antiseptic had been injected into the bags.

When the police investigators checked all the uniforms worn by the nurses responsible for the patients on the fourth floor, they found the antiseptic on one uniform - the one worn by Kuboki - around the pocket.

After his arrest, Kuboki reportedly confessed to killing up to 20 patients, but said it only targets the very sick.

However, the police questioned the allegations, claiming that some of the patients who died during this period were not terminally ill.

Kuboki qualified as a nurse in 2008 and started working at Oguchi Hospital in 2015, where she was known as a calm but competent employee.

A series of disturbing incidents were then reported on the fourth floor where she worked in 2016, where the nurses' uniforms were torn apart and the drinks were spiked with a foreign substance.

The incidents stopped around August 2016, before the first deaths occurred.

Kuboki left the hospital before being questioned about the deaths in June, prior to his arrest on July 7. She has not pleaded yet.

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