Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Nollywood Actress Receives Car Gift From Strange (Photos)

 Nollywood actress and producer, Charity Nnaji, was stunned with an exciting car gift for her birthday from a supposed fan who chatted on WhatsApp while she was bored.

The anonymous fan, according to his Instagram post gave him a Toyota Camry car popularly regarded as Camry Muscle among locals.

Some social media users have found the story quite suspicious, especially amid rumors that many Nollywood actresses are in pseudo-prostitution.

Read his account below:

"It all started like this, I update my application status with the legend BORED, a fan ironed at my status asking me why I was bored ,,, I told him so many things that I feel bored, he answered like what and what do you really want, I said I need a car as a birthday present, he replied (JUST THAT) and to my surprise, he said consider this done, pls if you want to hear the rest of the testimony kindly find your way to my church where i will share the rest of the testimony, indeed our God is a wonderful God, i just joined the league of little girls with a great god, # little girl with a great god, nollywood # end, give it to you will be given ".

Charity Nnaji who is from the southeastern part of Nigeria claims to be a beauty queen, Peace Advocacy Ambassador, foundation owner and a humanitarian.

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