Sunday, 1 July 2018

My Husband And I Were Violent Towards Each Other - Actress Bose Alao Speaks On Marriage crisis

Two weeks after apologizing for publicly calling her husband, Rasaq, about domestic abuse and the announcement of the end of their 10-year marriage, Nollywood actress Bose Alao revealed that they were both violent.

While speaking in a new interview with PUNCH, Bose maintained that his marriage was intact.

She said; "I want to take my family out of social networks because he is not helping me, my husband is not someone who deals with problems on the Internet, it seems that I am the only one who speaks.

"On that particular day, which was our tenth wedding anniversary, we had a fight and he broke my phone and I was very angry." It was not even the fight we had that got me angry, it was the fact that it destroyed my phone.

"That's why I spilled my anger over my WhatsApp status, where he would see it, I did not want it to be public knowledge, initially, but a journalist on my contact list captured my updates and posted them online."

Bose Alao also said that both are under therapy at this time, 'that kind of news really affects my husband's career. To be honest, my husband and I are violent among ourselves and are trying to get help. Every time he hits me, I retaliate but everyone knows he can beat me.

"All marriages have problems, but we often expect too much from our peers." There was a time when my pastor even told me I should put water in my mouth every time I was angry, but it did not work and I spit water when they were fighting.

"We are both in therapy right now, I am very calm, even when my husband is upset, I keep calm, I thank God that there is now peace in our marriage and I pray that there will be no incidence of domestic violence. violence again. '

"When you hit a woman, you develop an unbridled hatred for you." I believe that a woman has the power to mold her husband in any way she wants; anyone can change When we came back together, we both feel it and we are both looking for ways to coexist peacefully because of our children.

"All our children are girls and many men do not want to marry women from broken homes."

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