Saturday, 7 July 2018

Mother Burns Her 10-Year-Old Daughter's Face With Electric Iron Over Missing N200

 A 10-year-old girl who was identified as Udeme Usen Etukudoh, was abused by her mother.

The girl may now have been scarred for life after her mother burned her face with electric iron for stealing N200.

The incident occurred yesterday in Ikot Ekang Itam, in the local government area of ​​Uruan, Akwa Ibom State.

A report from an NGO, the Children's Rights and Rehabilitation Network (CRARN), outlined the development. Read their message below:

Thursday morning, I met Udeme Usen Etukudoh, 10, a native of Ikot Ekang Itam, treated for burns and a deep cut on his face in a small pharmacy along the Calabar / Itu road. After investigation, I learned that Edeme was severely abused by her own mother for "stealing N200", the amount that is less than a dollar.

Udeme, a primary student at RCM School, near Itam Police Headquarters, said that her mother, due to the missing N200, pushed the plug of an electric iron into an electrical outlet and applied the extremely hot apparatus on certain parts of his body. The burns later disfigured his face. Not satisfied with the burns, the girl said that her mother used a small wood to hit and tear her right chin right next to her eyes. Her mother, Aniedi Etim Akpan (according to the little girl), went out to shop at the popular Itam market when I visited their home to make discoveries. Udeme's father-in-law, whose name could not be verified at the time of the checks, and a woman who said she was the older sister of the girl, said the money had been stolen by Udeme and deserved Burns ".

But the little girl, who lives with her mother and stepfather, denied stealing the money. She said that whenever money is missing from her father-in-law's pocket or house, the theft will be attributed to her. She said she was innocent of the charge. After further investigation, Udeme took me to his biological father, Usen Okon Etukudoh, a mason who lives right next to where his daughter lives with her mother. Usen said that Edeme chose to stay with his mother, Aniedi, after their separation a few years ago, but that he would stab his ex-wife with a broken bottle if something happened to his daughter.

At 11:30, Udeme, wearing her school uniform, had not had breakfast when I met her at the pharmacy. To show the extent of the trauma experienced by the little girl, the father-in-law who took her to the pharmacy rejected the 4000 N4 bill he had to pay for the child's emergency treatment. He wanted to pay N2000 instead. I had to buy a loaf of bread and Coca-Cola so that I could eat something before being administered with what the pharmacy attendant called "inflammatory injection" to stop the pain. Two things are likely to happen to the child if her father decides to let her stay with her mother (as I told her later): either she leaves the house (God knows where) to be freed from torture or she is secretly killed by her mother and stepfather. May God help the unfortunate child!

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