Sunday, 15 July 2018

Mother And Child Missing After Flood Wrecked Havoc In Abeokuta state

Dozens of people, including a mother and a child, were reported missing on Friday and properties worth billions of nairas were destroyed after a massive flood that ravaged neighborhoods in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State. and its surroundings.

The flood followed about two hours of torrential rain.

The Nation reported that many residents were fired from their homes and shops when their apartments were flooded.

Household goods, property and other valuables were destroyed.

In Omolasho and Kuto, the main commercial areas of Abeokuta, goods and structures worth millions of nairas were swept away and emptied into a canal by the High Court of Isabo State where the flood was the most violent and the fiercest.

Dozens of roadside packaged vehicles were also submerged, some of them being dragged into ravines and pits.

The most affected areas are Ijaye, Omolasho, Kuto, Isale Egbein and Ijeja where the flood damaged the bridge connecting Ijeja and other parts of the state capital.

The Archdiocesan seat of the Christ Church of Ijaye, Abeokuta has also been severely affected and dozens of homes in the affected area as some of the residential buildings have collapsed, sloped or weakened to the point of rendering them unsafe for life.

In the region of Ago Ijesha, a mother and her granddaughter were swept away by the flood during the torrential rain.

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