Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Maradona Offers To Manage Argentina For Free

Diego Maradona has offered to administer Argentina for free as a result of his disappointing performance at the 2018 World Cup.

The albicelestes went to Russia as foreigners for world glory, but it was expected that they would do well if they could get the best out of fast striker Lionel Messi.

The superstar of Barcelona could not provide the spark that was required, with too much expectation placed on the shoulders of a player while those around him struggled.

Argentina managed to make their way to the last 16, but Jorge Sampaoli faced strong criticism before and after an exciting 4-3 defeat in the second round against France.

Now he is seriously questioning his future, along with Messi's, and it is expected that a new era will soon open up in Argentine football.

Maradona would take the opportunity to join that project if asked, with the winner of the 1986 World Cup ready to work without paying for the good of his country.

He told Telesur: "Yes, and I would do it for free.

"I would not ask for anything in return."

Maradona has already spent a season at the helm of Argentina, with that period in the 2010 World Cup.

He was unable to replicate the success of his days as a coach, with a 4-0 defeat to Germany that he suffered in the quarter-final stage.

However, an emblematic figure has remained a passionate follower of his nation's fortunes and was a living presence in the stands throughout his campaign in Russia.

His antics often saw him in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, with his goal celebrations and his general health being called into question, but he has always responded quickly to his criticisms.

That remains the case since Russia 2018 continues without Argentina, with a great desire of all times to point out that it never wanted to see its country fail despite what some may think.

He added: "People think I'm happy, but my heart is heavy.
"I feel really bad because we destroy everything we build with so much effort."

Who guides Argentina forward, its focus is already beginning to change towards future challenges.

A Copa América mission will be taken on Brazilian soil in 2019, while another qualifying campaign will have to be successfully negotiated if the Albiceleste returns for the glory of the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

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