Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Man Swept Away By Flood After Heavy Rainfall In Kano

A young man was swept away by a flood that raged in a passage recently built by the state government in the metropolis - after hours of heavy rains. His body was found after the shower.

At the same time, as part of measures to rid its metropolis of floods, the Kano State Government committed to removing all the buildings and structures built on its waterways in the state.

This has been highlighted as a result of the state government's discovery that the properties of some individuals obstruct the state's waterways and could therefore lead to flooding.

The environment commissioner, represented by the ministry's permanent secretary, Alhaji Halilu Dantiye, of Makoda, expressed concern over the situation of some houses built on waterways, saying that it was a great threat to life and property.

He said Kano had suffered a lot from the floods whenever it rained for many reasons, including the construction of waterways, which needed to be treated. According to reports, floods have been one of the challenges facing the state.

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