Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Man Dies A Day After Taking Photo To Celebrate Surviving Death

 Elemuwa Obinna

A graduate in mechanical engineering from Oo Owerri State University (IMSU) died.

The deceased who was identified as Elemuwa Obinna, died after suffering a brief illness. One of his friends, Ezekiel Stmark, revealed that Obinna took a selfie with him to celebrate the healing of his mysterious illness just a day before his death.

Ezekiel first made a post about how Obinna fell mysteriously ill and recovered.

See below:

"My experience of yesterday ...

"I did not really see anyone taking the last breath or getting closer to death, now I know how scary it is and it's happening, and I've also experienced a miracle before me.

"I am the type who does not believe in excessive prayers instead of shouting and making noise, first do the right thing and then ask for the grace of God.

"But in a situation where you have no help and can not do what you call" necessary ", what are you doing?

"History of real life

"Yesterday, my friends and I went home, so one of them in our previous conversation, said he was sick.

"He walks with us, so it can not be really serious, I thought.

"After eating, we chatted and sent videos via xender.

"While I was telling a joke to my guy, suddenly he fell off the beach (the fall was slow as on TV).

"His facial expressions were not funny and he did not move either.

"Jesus," I cried, "my heart automatically left me, my other friends were holding the guy screaming and trying to play the doctor although frightened.

"I rushed to call for help, luckily my mother was there. I tried to explain but I did not make sense so I had to drag her on the spot." She was perplexed and started to shout and pray.

"I rushed and got water but I do not know what to do with it (thanks to Nollywood) I was told it was not a water problem.

"Thank God, the neighbors have already gathered, I looked and I saw my strong mother extremely frightened.

"Everyone was praying, I said Amen with all my heart.

"As I watched my friend as he was, I was more afraid, I started praying too.

"After about 5 minutes, surprisingly my friend moved his eyes, the prayer was getting hotter, so an elderly woman went near her ears and began to pray, the lifeless type began to say Amen Amen Amen so dull.

"Is it a dream?" I said to myself: my guy is screwed everywhere, he even broke his head.

"To shorten the story, over the next 15 minutes, we involved the parents, we went to the hospital and everything stabilized, after some hospital acts, my guy moves, talks and laughs finally from my stupid jokes ... a selfie and I asked him to post it by saying

"relax with the nurses dem".

"He does not even know what he did to us.

"Please do not dare to think that this is not a big problem,

"If the guy was dead, a corrupt Nigerian police would tell you that I'm a cultist or a yahoo plus ritualist (online scam that requires human sacrifice) that I poisoned the food and I know my family would not be safe either.

"The prayers work full time !!

"Pray, before playing your role, after playing, before ...

"I am a witness"

Sadly, one day after this post, Stmark came back to announce that his friend, Obinna was dead.

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