Monday, 9 July 2018

Lady Turns Down Boyfriend's Proposal With Hot Slap At Lagos Mall (Video)

The young man dressed in a native dress organized a marriage proposal at the Ikeja City Mall in Lagos State, which is regularly a hive of activity on weekends. As hundreds of customers mingled with their belongings, he suddenly knelt down and pulled out an engagement ring to offer to his light-skinned girlfriend. At his brutal shock, the lady who did not seem too audible in a viral video shouted and gave him a dirty slap that made him fall to the ground. She continued to insist that she would embarrass him as she invited the audience to listen to him. The young man who did not believe his eyes crawled on the ground in shame as he tried to appeal to the lady who was not ready to hear him. The video recording of the awry event has been trending on Instagram for a few hours with social media users trying to unravel the identities of both parties and the cause of the drama that followed. It will be remembered that the public marriage proposal copied from the Western world has become the order of the day among young Nigerians. Watch the amateur video clip below:

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