Thursday, 5 July 2018

Kaduna Teachers Eating Food Meant For Primary School Pupils

A new report revealed that teachers in Kaduna would consume food for primary school children.
He said some teachers in Kaduna State ate food for students in the Ongong Federal Government School Feeding Program.

The school feeding monitors of the NGO - Connect Gender for Development (COGEN), made the allegation Wednesday at a public meeting in the state.

Rachael Musa, one of the observers said at a public meeting on the federal government's school feeding program in Kafanchan, the local Jema'a government, said the ration usually does not circulate.

Musa also said that although each child is supposed to receive an egg once a week, eggs do not usually turn due to a shortage.

Similarly, Mr. Monday John, another observer, claimed that some politicians collected money from food vendors on the grounds that they were not members of the Progressive Congress.

John also said that some members of the Peoples Democratic Party also prevented their children from eating food, saying it could be poisoned.

He called the development serious and urged the people involved to stop the law so as not to sabotage the program.

Esther Gushe, Deputy Director of Aduwan III Primary School, confirmed that eggs were still missing at her school.

Mr. Yakubu Kyari, the local government program manager, said he received between 300 and 400 cases of eggs per week instead of 730 crates for the 177 schools in the area.

Kyari said that teachers who eat food for students have been warned to give up the act or take risks.

Mr. Ebenezer Omolekun, COGEN Program Director, told a public meeting that the NGO's results revealed that an egg was shared between two or four students in 46 schools, while two students shared juices. and cookies in 26 schools.

He explained that the meeting "Together we can build our LGA and make it more prosperous" was mainly organized to mobilize communities and stakeholders to monitor the implementation of the school feeding program.

He explained that COGEN, with the support of the MacArthur Foundation, is following the program in 60 schools, 20 each in the local government areas of Kaura, Jemaa and Zangon Kataf.

He stated that the goal was to ensure the successful implementation of the program in promoting the learning, enrollment, retention and completion of primary schools by students.

The official said similar meetings were held in Kaura and Zangon Kataf to gain community support in monitoring the program.

"What we want is to ensure the transparency, accountability and responsiveness of all stakeholders involved in the program," Omolekun said.

In addition, the local council chair, Peter Averik, congratulated the NGO for supporting the federal government's initiative and pledged its support "because the program is for the benefit of our children and our community" .

In addition, Mr. Hosea David, Ambam Kaninkon District Manager, congratulated the NGO for creating the necessary awareness and support for the program.

Nigerian News Agency (NAN) reports 420 state schools attended by five NGOs with support from MacArthur Foundation

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