Thursday, 12 July 2018

Italy Is Going Crazy For Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has not yet signed for Juventus, but his imminent arrival has already caused an uproar around Turin as fans wait for the star.

Real Madrid and Juve announced Tuesday an agreement with an initial value of 100 million euros for the signing of the 33-year-old striker.

Ronaldo will be presented as the last member of the Bianconeri team on Monday, after eight seasons of trophies at Bernabeu. And the Ronaldo fever has already hit hard in Italy, with supporters and companies jostling to welcome him to his new home.

Even before the transfer was confirmed, an enterprising ice cream shop in Turin had already prepared its own tribute.

"Ronaldo gelato" is now on sale in the city, courtesy of Leonardo La Porta from the Miretti boutique.

"I can only sum up like Portugal, the land of Ronaldo," La Porta explained to La Repubblica when asked what flavor would take Ronaldo's ice cream.

La Porta has combined a base of cream with a trait of Ginjinha, a famous Portuguese liquor that gives a hint of cherry to the palate, and crowned with chocolate chips.

In the nearby town of Vinovo, meanwhile, the restaurant Bottega del Goloso has incorporated a new dessert on the menu: the 'Coppa CR7' (CR7 Cup).

Curious diners now have the chance to enjoy a delectable sundae topped with a CR7 chocolate, a perspective that is surely impossible to refuse.
It's not just those who have a sweet tooth who have had reasons to celebrate the transfer, either.

Juventus shares were soaring with news that Ronaldo was close to a deal, and over the last 10 days, stock prices have pulled from € 0.66 to € 0.90, a growth of more than 30%.

And this will surely be the beginning, as the club prepares for a race on club jerseys and other merchandising that will approach the mayhem now that Ronaldo 7 is printed on the back.

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