Friday, 13 July 2018

Herdsmen attackers: IPOB Fires Warning To Miyetti Allah

In a statement by IPOB's media and advertising secretary, Emma Powerful, Biafra Indigenous People (IPOB), warned the leaders of the Miyetti Allah (MACBAN) Cattle Breeders' Association against its threat to geopolitical areas the rejection of cattle farms in the area.

The group warned that one of the inevitable consequences of any premeditated attack against the Igbo and the Orientalists living in the north, "will mark the beginning of the apocalyptic end of Nigeria".

IPOB said that the arrogant tone of the head of Miyetti Allah's threat against Igbo and their companies in the North clearly indicates an impending hostile response from them, that IPOB is both duty and honor not to ignore.

"We must make it clear that any attack against Igbos and their businesses in the North will be met with an adequate response in the South.

"The large-scale threats and invasions of Middle-Belt territories have had the effect of subjecting indigenous Tiv resistance to the Peul hegemonic behemoths of the Middle Belt and the total collapse of morale in the West, which has happened in the past. PDO Ado-Ekiti gathering on Wednesday 11 July 2018. "

"These northern voices who have continuously lobbied Igbo leaders and governors to falsely ban IPOB are now silent against the deadly record of their own friends and relatives, the Fulani pastors.

"If IPOB had not been purposely banned by Southeast governors and Igbo socio-cultural leaders, MACBAN would not have had the courage to issue such an insulting statement against Igbo and their commercial interests in the North.

"An inevitable result of any premeditated attack against the Igbo and the Orientals living in the North will mark the beginning of the apocalyptic end of Nigeria as we know it.

"The wise decision of the Southeastern governors to avoid the collapse of law and order in their region, by banning the activities of shepherds, should be applauded by the Arewa Consultative Forum, the Sokoto Caliphate and all the advocates of peaceful coexistence in Nigeria, not ridiculed by the mouth of Fulani pastors, the MACBAN.

"Given that 70% of Nigeria's landmass is in the North, as many government officials and key northerners have pointed out over the years, it is reasonable to assume that livestock are better established in the North. tiny "landlocked" Southeast.

"All South-East and South-South governors must be guided by a popular Igboland proverb that says only an irrational kills his native doctor when those who want to poison and harm him are still there and multiplying. "

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