Monday, 30 July 2018

FG Sends combined security forces and fighter aircraft after Zamfara bandits

The federal government has assembled a 1,000-strong military force, including the army, air force, police and civil defense, to launch fierce attacks on bandits who terrorize villages and towns of the country. State of Zamfara.

Following the instructions of President Buhari, the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has begun deploying fighter jets to Katsina, the closest airport in Zamfara State to respond immediately and effectively to the threat bandits.

This was not possible in the past because there was no fuel storage facility in Katsina, but the NAF found a solution to the problem. The President also authorized NAF's commitment to advanced satellite surveillance technology to assist in the accurate detection of bandits' movements and locations.

The government had to move in this direction because of the limitations of conventional surveillance, as the use of satellite technology could make the task of the NAF less problematic. Following the President's instructions, Chief of the Air Staff Sadiq Abubakar, air marshal, traveled to Gusau where he met with the deputy governor of the state.

The Chief of Staff reiterated the President's commitment never to abandon the victims of the attacks, reaffirming that security remains one of the pillars of his election promises and that no leader would be happy to see his own citizens killed by criminal groups the country.

It will be remembered that since his election, the President has kept his promises to re-equip and motivate the country's military and security services. The military and other security services are now better equipped and motivated to face the challenges of their responsibilities.

The Presidency, therefore, calls on all Nigerians to unite and speak with one voice on security issues and urges politicians to stop exploiting the challenges of national security. Those who pray for the president to fail in this effort can be likened to someone who stabs himself in the heart and celebrates it.

In this respect, security should not be reduced to petty politics, as it would only encourage terrorists and other deadly gangs. We therefore call on members of the Nigerian media to avoid unnecessary and deleterious sensationalism in covering events that limit national security.

The media should not in any way make bandits or terrorists feel like super stars because it could hurt us all. Terrorists seek maximum publicity and they do so by launching large-scale attacks against easy targets and the media must resist any attempt to play their hands involuntarily.

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