Monday, 9 July 2018

Fear Grips Delta Residents As Cultists Hold Convention, Recruit New Members

There was a pandemonium in Asaba, the capital of the Delta State, yesterday, when the feared brotherhood Aye announced that its congress was to be held at an unknown place in the metropolis of Asaba to initiate new members.

Statewide panic has forced residents to exercise caution in markets and event centers, as a possible confrontation with members of rival groups could disrupt peace and order in the region. State.

In this context, men from the state police command issued a warning and threatened to mercilessly treat anyone caught in the state's entire length and breadth.

Conventional and non-conventional security agents, including members of the Eagle Net network, anti-cult squad, anti-kidnapping squad, anti-crime squad, and criminal investigations (CID), occupied strategic positions yesterday in control the situation. . State police commissioner Muhammad Mustafa has categorically said that the mad brotherhood members must be ready to face the wrath of the law if they are caught.

He said, "in the context of credible intelligence reports that sects, especially persuasion 'Aye', in accordance with their anachronistic and barbaric tradition, will today converge on several black spots designated in the state for engage in unhealthy acts, such as the conscription of new members into their group, clashing with members of rival cult groups and thus posing a threat to life and property, and disrupting peace and order . "

While the PC urged the group to stay away from the entire state, it reassured the people of the state not to be afraid.

He argued that the command will continually do all that is legally and humanly possible to ensure that the state is free from crime and that residents sleep with their eyes closed.

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