Thursday, 26 July 2018

Drama as a student of the University of Novena is caught stealing at the University of Benin (Photos)


A young woman who claimed to be a student at the University of Novena, Delta State, was caught flying at the University of Benin, UNIBEN.
The woman was stabbed in a women's home this morning at UNIBEN, Ekenwan Campus.
Local reports show that there have been many cases of recent flights in the hostel. Just three days ago, a student reported that her laptop and phone were stolen overnight in her closet.
However, this morning, laptops, phones and a purse disappeared in three different rooms and an alarm was triggered. That's when a student said she spotted a girl with tinted hair leaving the rooms.

The door of the hostel was quickly closed and a search was launched. The suspect was finally found inside the common room and apprehended. She later confessed to the many thefts.
According to the occupants of the hostel, the suspect, who claims to be a student at Novena University, tells people that she is a new UNIBEN student who has no space to stay and that she should host it for the night. .
Once taken, she strikes by going very early to neighboring rooms to fly, especially when the occupants are out to take their bath.
She is currently at Ugbowo Security Office, UNIBEN.

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