Thursday, 12 July 2018

Dangote has revealed that he needs a new wife.

Aliko Dangote revealed that he needs a new wife. Aliko, who has been twice married and divorced, revealed this to David Piling in a Financial Times interview, Lunch with FT. The 61-year-old also says he has not given up on the purchase of Arsenal.

On a new woman, he said;

"I'm not getting younger, sixty is not a joke, but it does not make sense to go out and get someone if you do not have the time. things are really, really busy, because we have the refinery, we have the petrochemicals, we have the fertilizer, we have the pipeline. "
But he agrees he needs to "calm down a bit".

He fasting once a week;

Dangote told Pilling that he was trying to fast at least once a week, adding that "it helps clean up your system."

On the difficulty of Nigeria:

Dangote said with his new refinery, he went out to make new enemies, stating that "you can not come and take food off their table and think they'll just watch you do it".
"They're going to try all sorts of stuff, it's a very, very tough society, only the hardest survive here."

On Arsenal;

"I love Arsenal and I will definitely go," he told FT, adding that the club should be worth about $ 2 billion.

Speaking as the club's owner, Dangote said he would commit to rebuilding the team - "shredding in my own advice".

"When I buy it, I have to adapt it to the expectations of our supporters," he said, stating that his refinery is now a priority.

"Once I finish with this headache, I will take football," he concludes.

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