Sunday, 22 July 2018

7 Tips On Staying Safe During A Flood

Here are some tips for staying safe during a flood this rainy season:

1. Never walk in moving water. This is the first rule of caution, do not be tempted.

2. If you have to walk in the water, walk where the water does not move. You can use a stick to protect your movement.

3. Never drive in flooded areas. If you feel the water rising around your car, try moving to higher ground, if you can safely do it, or just go out and run towards safety.

4. Never touch electrical equipment, whether you are wet or not.

5. Maybe you are stuck on an object above the water, such as a tree, pole or structure, be calm and wait to be rescued. Do not enter the floodwater, you can not be as sure of what awaits you.

6. If your vehicle ends up being submerged, relax; release your seat belt, gently roll the window closest to you and get out of the car. It's important not to fight because it's the easiest way to drown.

7. If you are caught in fast-flowing water, always go over the obstacles, never try to go below.

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