Saturday, 7 July 2018

3 Men Killed By Herdsmen On The Way To Their Farm In Benue

 Some Fulani pastors reportedly attacked and killed as many as three young men in Benue State while on their way to the farm.

It has been reported that three people were killed in alleged attacks by Fulani shepherds in Tiza village, Tormbo neighborhood, in the local government area of ​​Benue State on Thursday.

The attackers invaded the village and ambushed the farmers who were heading for their farms around 8:30 am, opening fire on them and killing three of them instantly, while several others suffered various injuries.

A community leader and former aide to former Governor Gabriel Suswam, Chief Joseph Anawah, said armed shepherds came in numbers wielding sophisticated weapons and blocking farm roads, shooting anything at sight.

"Fulani herders' terrorism has continued to annihilate farmers in Benue, especially in the local government Logo and Guma areas."

He said the ranchers had shot and killed three people at Tse Tyogbihi, Tombo area at Logo LGA near Anyiin en route to the farm.

Confirming the incident, the president of the local government logo, Mr. Richard Nyajo, revealed that the shepherds ambushed four farmers who were on motorcycles on their farms.

He said the Fulani shepherds opened fire on them, killing three of them in one place, while the remaining person was shot on his leg.

Nyajor gave the names of the people killed as; Aondofa Mkarsha, Emmanuel Iorliam and a Mr. Msugh, while the fourth person who was shot was taken to NKST Anyiin Hospital for medical treatment.

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