Friday, 1 June 2018

Young Nigeria Yahoo Boy stabbed himself to Death in Delta State

 A young man stabbed himself to death in Ughelli, Delta State, and people believe that he is a child of Yahoo who was suffering the adverse effects of the rituals required for the dark business. According to the messages shared by users of social networks, the young man, named Mukoro Ovie Rex, used a broken bottle to stab himself several times and refused to be stopped by worried observers. When people tried to hug him to prevent him from inflicting more injuries

he himself, he intensified his efforts. Finally, a policeman arrived on the scene and as soon as he saw the officer, he used the sharp edge of the broken bottle to cut his throat. The photos shared on social networks show the young man naked and covered in blood. In a photo, he is seen standing, not caring about the amount of blood he was losing.

The reason for their action remains a mystery, but there are many theories. Some say that it was probably a Yahoo guy who suffered a spiritual problem caused by the rituals performed by the success of his Yahoo scam. Others say that he was probably homosexual and suicidal. Others have said that his partner must be arrested and interrogated.
The residents of Oteri, Ughelli, Delta State were, yesterday, in mourning, after a young dancer gospel musician stabbed himself repeatedly before cutting his throat. .

According to reports, the deceased, identified as Mukoro Ovie, did not allow anyone to approach him. The more people tried to approach, the more he stabbed himself.

The police were later called to the scene but that stopped him. Ovie finally cut her throat while the police tried to subdue him. Nobody knows what triggered his action.
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