Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Young Man With Tumour On His Face All Smiles After Undergoing Surgery To Correct Deformity

 Bernard is a 19 year old man who has received a new life.

The young man who has had a very large tumor on his face for a long time, finally underwent surgery to correct the deformity and now has reason to smile again.

Bernard was operated on Mercy Ships, a group of hospital boats that are served by talented volunteers from around the world and that help give people a new life in developing nations.

Bernard after surgery

In a tweet, Mercy Ships explained that Bernard was euphoric when he learned that he was going to have surgery.

"Bernard, 19, did not let his neurofibroma prevent him from dreaming big!

"When they told me it was possible to have an operation, I had a feeling of euphoria that I can not even explain."

Thanks for helping make incredible transformations like this possible! #globalsurgery "

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