Saturday, 9 June 2018

Woman Jailed For Stealing Newborn Baby And Raising Her As Her Own For 20 Years

A woman who pleaded guilty to kidnapping a baby from a hospital a few hours after her birth was sentenced to 18 years in prison.
Gloria Williams posed as a nurse and stole Kamiyah Mobley from a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida in July 1998. She changed the name of the girl to Alexis Manigo, moved to South Carolina and raised her as her own.

Mirror Online reported earlier that Kamiyah had forgiven the woman who raised her and asked the court for clemency.

And the essay received heartbreaking evidence from his real mother when he described the emotional torment of having his son taken away.

Shanara Mobley told the court that she thought about suicide "every day" and said she still feels the loss deeply, which worsened after seeing her daughter refer to her kidnapper Gloria Williams as "mother."

She told the court: "I always thought of my baby every day, every day, every day, I saw myself in my car crying, in bed crying, taking a bath crying, doing something with his brothers and crying.

"It does not heal now, I'm still hurt." When you approach my son: 'I am your mother Kamiyah. I am your mother!'"

Mrs. Mobley has asked Williams to face the death penalty.

Williams, who was arrested in 2017, pleaded guilty to charges of kidnapping and interference with felonies earlier this year as part of an agreement with prosecutors.

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