Wednesday, 6 June 2018

UEFA Increases Prize Money tag For Championship and Europa League

As the appeal of European football grows across the globe, the revenue from competing in the Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Super Cup will increase by £ 787 million next season, UEFA announced.

While the clubs received a £ 2.06bn stake last season, the figure has now risen to £ 2.84bn following the increase in revenue for European football competitions.

However, Uefa announced that £ 457 million will be deducted to pay for organizational costs and solidarity payments.

The current European champion, Real Madrid, will face the city's rival, Atlético de Madrid, in the UEFA Super Cup in the Estonian capital, Tallinn, in August.

The Whites beat Liverpool 3-1 in an eventful final of the Champions League in Kiev, while Atlético defeated Marseille 3-0 in Lyon to claim the Europa League title.

Both clubs in Madrid will receive £ 3.06m for competing in the match, while the winner will receive an additional £ 870,000.

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