Wednesday, 6 June 2018

TV Host, Anthony Abraham Beaten Up By SARS Officers In Lagos State

According to reports, Anthony Abraham, a television host and blogger, became the latest victim of the special anti-theft squad, the brutality of SARS in Lagos.

The young blogger said he was beaten mercilessly on Tuesday by some SARS officers around Ojodu Berger. He made the revelation on his Instagram page.

According to him, he was arrested by the officers while on a bicycle from Berger to Alagbole and was dragged to his truck, where they began to beat him.

Even after explaining to the officers that he was a blogger and also an actor / artist, they allegedly continued with the beating and allegedly tried to extort it until they confirmed on his phone that he was actually a blogger and they took him out of the van.

Read what you wrote below:

'I do not know what I did to deserve the kind of beatings I received yesterday by SARS officials

"I was on a bicycle going to Alagbole from Berger when they stopped me and they asked me to get off the bike, which I did, they immediately told me to get into their truck and I asked them why and that was it, rain of slaps. They wrapped me up and threw me into the van in Siena, they started to hit me inside the van, I tried to block the claps but one of them took me by the hand so my face was open to receive the slaps. They beat me like I was a criminal before asking what I'm doing, I told them I'm a blogger and also an actor / animator.

"The beating continued again, seriously, I was afraid of my life, I began to doubt whether they were really SARS officials or whether they were kidnappers or ritualists." Many thoughts crossed my mind, for now we were approaching Ojodu, going to 0gba After all the beating, one of them looked on my phone and really saw that I was a blogger, he saw my blog and he also saw my sketches videos after surpassing me, he looked in my pocket and saw some money.

"One of them said he had to go down, but the other told me to bring the money, I refused and then he slapped me again and again, I told them I wanted to use the money and he told me that he saw another thousand naira in my I told him it was my T-rate, he said he would take me to the station, why I'm wearing ripped jeans, but I refused to give him the money before they took me out of the vehicle after one of them said that I am a blogger and they should let me go before starting another campaign #ENDSARS They also forced me to apologize for making them believe I was a yahoo boy Yes. I still can not believe this happened to me in my own country.

"We are no longer safe in this country, those who are supposed to protect us are actually killing us.

"We need #ENDSARS with immediate effect because we really can not see the effect of SARS on our society." SARS has done more harm than good.

"This is a real life story and it was not sugary, it happened to me yesterday."

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