Friday, 1 June 2018

Too Much Love: Alex Pens Heartfelt Birthday Message To Tobi As He Celebrates His Birthday today

 Asogwa Alexandra Amuche Sandra, also known as Alex, made Tobi Bakre's birthday a memorable one after she published a very moving and sincere message to celebrate him for adding another year to her life.

It is rumored that Tobi and Alex, who have had a sentimental bond since they began their relationship in the house Big Brother Naija, are leaving the house.

Read the sweet message below:

I'm about to tell you something. CautionŸ "Do not go looking since there is only one on earth.

I went to look, what I found was extraordinary and I can not help but say it. I found a being that made the earth tremble without knowing it on June 1, 1994. I found a treasure that you will not change even if it was your last option. I found that necessary problem that brings joy. I found gold that once lost is irreplaceable forever. I found a heart so big that everyone can fit. I found a human being who gives the sun a reason to shine. I went on a deeper search, I saw a man like no other.

I saw an adult with the heart of a child. I saw a man that God focused on his creation and crowned it as a work of art of focus for all, but in all, this man never loses his focus thus creating more things for people to concentrate on. I saw an ambitious man without complexes. A real man, A chocolate that closes the world with a look, A man who has learned not to yield. I saw a blessing for everyone in disguise. I saw the king of all the best. I saw peace of mind. I saw TOBI BAKRE. Tobi Bakre is a talented, original and brilliant irreplaceable boss, amazingly knowledgeable, recognizably extraordinary. Happy birthday hun. I took all these images myself and without care, but the boy is too good.

Nothing good is easy. I realized this when I remembered that we had our first long discussion with our eyes covered. Know that you have taught me a lot and I will always be grateful. Ups and downs that I have faced in life, but that has added to the people who made the recent ones easier. Taking a step back before any decision is something you always tell me. You make me strong when I feel like giving up. Only 174 days since we met and it seems that I have known you all my life. I've been looking for a suitable birthday present, but to no avail, which is explainable.

There is nothing on earth that can be presented as a gift more special than you and I can not buy you. You have taught me that everyone could be against me, but I must always defend the truth. Tobi's knowledge is the beginning of wisdom. You are a lot of work and currently one of the most annoying people that I have that makes you part of my family. The world is not ready for you. In you I found a friend with whom to cry and laugh, in you I found your home, in you I found peace of mind. By adding a year today, may God bless you abundantly. May good things be your part. It can escape negatively from you. Your future is brighter than the sun. As I always say, Tobi, your happy smile is amazing. Good boy physically and in the background, thank you for dealing with all my nonsense and problems. I can never ask for a best friend. I have the king of the best. "

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