Friday, 1 June 2018

South Africa Health Minister reportedly bans doggy style during sex said ‘doggy’ style during sex is the major cause of cancer and stroke.

The Minister of Health of South Africa, Aaron Motsoaledi, said that the style "puppy" during sex is the main cause of cancer and stroke.

He said that after three years of arduous research, he discovered that high blood pumping during sex, when one is standing or kneeling overloads the veins of the legs, which ultimately causes a stroke.He told The Insider: "About cancer: one of the main causes of cancer is stress, fatigue and fatigue.""The most stressful and energy-consuming sexual position for men is doggy, so the connection is more than clear.

"Look, I'm just giving you a snippet, but we'll publish the results of the full investigation on the Ministry's website."He added that he is in talks with the Minister of Internal Affairs, Malusi Gigaba, to elaborate legislation that will seek to outlaw this style.According to him, the occasional dog style like Christmas and Valentine's Day is harmless, but make sure every night is suicidal.

"This is the reason why married South African men die and leave their women a lot these days," the 58-year-old man added.

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