Monday, 4 June 2018

Sofia Richie dump scott Disick after he cheated on her

It seems that the romance between Sofia Richie, 19, and Scott Disick, 35, is over. According to an Us Weekly source, the duo broke up after an infidelity forced Sofia's famous musician father, Lionel, to also intervene in the fray.

"Sofia and Scott separated," a source told the publication, adding that "he cheated on her in Miami and found out and told Lionel."

According to reports, the legendary artist of the recording said: 'he is going to cut off [Sofia] and leave her in the will if he continues his relationship with Scott, as he believes it is extremely toxic to her'.

Sofia learned of the cheating incident in Miami, "after her trip to St. Bart and caused great problems in their relationship," the source explained.

The same source also confirmed to US Weekly: 'he went to Wyoming for that and was photographed with another girl and that was the icing on the cake to break up with him'.

Sofia and Scott had been 'trying to resolve things', but the picture caused Lionel to stop them from seeing each other

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