Thursday, 14 June 2018

So sad! Popular Ajegunle Musician Who Originated Alanta Dance, Is Dead

Peter Alanta, a popular musician from Ajegunle and the creator of Alanta Dance, is dead.

Daily Post reports that the singer died a few moments ago after fighting an undisclosed illness for months.

Alanta came into the spotlight in the early 2000s with her hit song, entitled Alanta. Raymond King and Artquake also remixed the song.

The last reigning dance, Shaku Shaku is said to be derived from his popular dance.

The deceased, whose contemporaries are Marvelous Benji, Oriste Femi, Professor Linkin, Omo Jesu, also had other hit songs to his credit.

Confirming the sad incident, his colleague and friend, Kimi Rankin, criticized his fans for having abandoned him.

He said: "When Alanta was alive, who cared? How many of us showed her love?

Also reacting to the sad incident, singer of Denge Pose, Baba Fryo called the musicians who benefited from the intellectual work of the deceased to 'do something'.

He said: "I just saw this post on Facebook that says that Peter Aka Alanta, the creator of Alanta's dance, is dead, if it is true, the popular artists who benefited from his creative work should do something."

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