Friday, 22 June 2018

Simi Stuns Fans With 'Tomboy Pose' In Ripped Jeans

 Simi is no stranger to taking and posting photos online. The young woman is, in fact, known for her frequent exchange of images of herself with her enthusiastic Instagram fans who are never tired of seeing them.

Sometimes, Simi receives serious criticism from her followers when she feels she is not elegant enough in the photos she shares and on other occasions, she receives praise when her fans believe that she has been "killed" enough.

However, Simi is never deterred by negative comments about his images every time they are made.

In this new set of images she shared online, the singer is dressed in torn jeans while doing a series of poses. One of his poses, like the one seen above, has been described by some of his followers as a "tomboy" pose. Some have gone so far as to ask if she is a tomboy in real life.

See more pictures below:

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