Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Shocking Reason A Gang Leader Killed 5 People In The Offa Bank Robbery

Adeola Abraham, one of the gang leaders who carried out the attack that resulted in the death of 33 people in Offa, Kwara state, has confessed to killing five innocent people just because they were throwing stones at her.

Nine policemen and 24 others lost their lives when a group of at least 30 thieves assaulted the Union Bank, the Eco Bank, the Guaranty Trust Bank, the First Bank, the Zenith Bank and the Ibolo Micro Finance Bank, as well as the police station. Owode in Offa April 5, 2018.

On Sunday, June 3, 2018, the Force's Public Relations Officer, ACP Jimoh Moshood, paraded some of the 22 suspects detained in connection with the incident and pointed out that there were five main leaders.

According to him, the main leaders of the gangs are Ayoade Akinnibosun (also known as AY), Ibikunle Ogunleye (also known as Arrow), Adeola Abraham, Salawudeen Azeez and Niyi Ogundiran, all the indigenous people of Oro, the local government area of ​​Irepodun in Kwara.

Addressing journalists on Sunday, Adeola Abraham confessed that he killed five people during the operation because they called him a thief and threw stones at him. The 35-year-old man revealed that he was one of the members of the team that raided Guaranty Trust Bank during the operation.

He said: "When we are in operation, they begin to attack us with stone, civilians, outside the bank." He was at the front of the bank when they started shouting "thief, thief" and they began to load the stone, threw the stone and then the ability to stone (hit) me, that's why (I killed them). "

Along with Abraham, other gang leaders who killed people during the robbery are Ogunleye, Azeez and Ogundiran, who killed two people each.

The other 22 people who died, including nine policemen, were killed by Adikwu, a former police officer who was linked to the Special Anti-Theft Squad (SARS) of the Kwara state command before being fired in 2012 for helping some suspects escape. Stole. Adikwu was tried in court and spent about three years in prison before leaving in unclear circumstances.

It provided some of the firearms used to wreak havoc during the robbery and also trained gang members in the use of firearms in Ajase-Ipo, Kwara, a day before the robbery.

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