Thursday, 28 June 2018

Photos of Hundreds of Nigerians Who Died of Starvation While Trying to Cross Desert to Europe for greener pasture

 Thousands of Nigerians trying to cross Europe through the Sahara desert due to the harsh economic conditions on earth have met their untimely death as a result of starvation, hunger and dehydration.

The bloody photos along with a message were shared by Mcthomas Precious who warned others that they might be thinking of embarking on such a journey.

He wrote: "For those who do not know the dangers of this route

Please tell everyone that it is 99.9% unsafe.

The more dangers you see, the worse the future dangers will be.

What most wins my imagination is when some people succeed, they see it as normal and they begin to give the wrong advice, but if the real person tries to give details about the dangers on the road, they begin to say that the GOD it crosses it will also help them to pass.

Africans are always dying in Libya and the desert and the sea are claiming thousands of lives, even the prisons of Libya are occupied with Africans. And our damned evil and brainless leaders have refused to learn from the white man on how to protect the lives of their citizens.

All they need is just the name, power and money.

And when someone tries to speak for defenseless citizens, they automatically become the holders of any broadcasting station throughout the country, while they immediately begin probing the innocent assistant left and right.

Are not you tired of an unfaithful government?

Do not you think it's time we talked to each other if they can not speak for us?


Thank you.

I am your faithful brother and a friend

Mcthomas Precious "

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