Sunday, 10 June 2018

Pastor Dances 'Acrobatics' To Celebrate Church Member Who Allegedly Won N230billion In Lotto Game (video)

The controversial Ghanaian man of God, Bishop Daniel Obinim, made people talk after doing something very dramatic and unusual when a member announced that he won more than two hundred and thirty billion Naira with a lottery number he gave him.

Upon hearing the figure, Obinim is the senior pastor of the Godsway International Church in Ghana led to the floor of his church to celebrate in acrobatic summers.

Despite the skepticism of Christians towards the lottery and sports betting, the Bishop often gives his church members lottery numbers, sometimes through the realm of 'spirits' when entering their dreams.

A member of his church then played the game and amazingly he won 3 trillion Cedis which is N230,325,075,600 when he converted to the Nigerian currency.

The ecstatic cleric could not believe what he was saying when the lucky man came to testify in the church that he had made three deadly leaps.

Watch the following video;

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