Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Over 500 Nigerians Serving Jail Term In Italy - Italy's ambassador to Nigeria,

Italy's ambassador to Nigeria, Stefanou Pontesilli, says that no less than 1,500 Nigerians are serving prison sentences for various crimes in Italy.

Pontesilli, who made the disclosure in an interview with reporters in Abuja, said the number was huge.

"In Italy we have around 1500 Nigerians in prison for various crimes, it is a large number.

"Sometimes we send them back to Nigeria once they finish their terms because they have not behaved well," he said.

However, he denied reports that Italy sometimes sends Nigerian migrants from Italy to Libya.

"Never, we never sent anyone or even a single person to Libya.

"Some Nigerians are trapped in Libya because they were never able to cross into Italy, but everyone who went to Italy nobody, not even one, gave them back.

"All Nigerians who have arrived in Italy and behave well do not have any problems.

"Not one of them has even heard of being sent back to Libya," he said.

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