Friday, 8 June 2018

Na wa! Don Jazzy Posts Throwback Photo

It's a throwback on Thursday and Don Jazzy is talking dirty online. He published the photo above in baggy saying: "That year you will see us with baggy jeans that say we have something big". 🤦🏽♂️🤦🏽♂️ I am now proud of my 2 inch cover aka biro. 😜🚶🏿♂️🚶🏿♂️🚶🏿♂️ #TBT ''

However, many of his fans laughed, with some women saying '' 2 inches doing wonders '', while others said '' it's not a biro tapa, but peanuts '', and others reminded him that they were fasting .

However, we can not say whether the women who described it as doing wonders and those who called it peanuts have seen it before.

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