Tuesday, 5 June 2018

My wife prays for me before going to robbery operations - The thief confesses in court (Photo)

A serial thief and a convicted felon, Mr. Idowu Dosumu, has revealed that his wife knew he was a criminal and used to pray for him each time he got up early in the morning to go to operations in Lagos, PM Express reported. .

Dosumu, 34, was sentenced on Monday, June 5, 2018 and will have to serve 18 months in prison without a fine option issued by the magistrates court of Ejigbo, Lagos.

This is the sixth time he will go to prison.

Dosumu, born in Ogun State, said he had been trained as a vulcanizer, started working but had no clients to sponsor him, so he went into total robbery. One's father said he was used to prison conditions because he had spent many months and years for more than five times before being sentenced again on Monday.

He said that when he was convicted and sent to prison, his wife left him with the children and had to steal to take care of them.

The convicted Dosumu was arrested after stealing a house and stealing a laptop belonging to a Dike Charles at 24 Falaka Street, Graceland Estate, Idimu, Lagos.

He was accused in court and pleaded guilty, but said he had no work and had to steal to survive.

The prosecutor, Supol Kenneth Asibor, presented the facts in court and informed the presiding magistrate, Mr. T.O. Shomade that Dosumu was a habitual criminal who can not change.

Asibor also informed the court that Dosumu had been convicted and imprisoned on several occasions for a similar crime in the past. Therefore, he urged the court to condemn him accordingly to serve as a deterrent to other people who could judge the crime. The court found him guilty and sentenced him accordingly.

Dosumu was being taken to prison in the prison van, he was playing with the prison guards while he announced that he would go back to prison.

However, Dosumu said he had used some weapons except weapons for his operations before being transferred to prison.

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