Saturday, 2 June 2018

Music Video of A Nigerian artiste portraying colonization of the whites by the blacks

Ways, a Nigerian artist based in Canada, launches a controversial video in which she portrays the black man who dominates the target.

Great sound, flying clothes, white slaves ... The music video by Kays entitled "Man has it all", with the song, Kays dropped a music video, which demands to be discussed.

 In the video, Kays is dressed in colonial-era clothes and is surrounded by white workers, butlers, maids, shoeshine boys and drivers while she performs the song to the camera. At one point, he appears in the photo preaching to a group of white slaves gathered from the fundamental capitalist text, "A Wealth of Nations," by Adam Smith.

 By portraying this version of the story where black dominates the target, Kays confronts the ideas of colonialism and slavery in the video in a very interesting way.

It is difficult to say if there is a message to take home from this video, but it is extremely attractive and it is a new look at the stories we have talked about many times.

Kays will have to be attentive in the coming months, his mix of blunt music, controversial images and a unique style will ensure he is not ignore.

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