Tuesday, 12 June 2018

MURIC, Withdraws Threat Against Falz

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) said it is no longer contemplating a legal action against Folarin 'Falz' Falana, nor demands any apology from him or his management for a song he recently released.

The development will come 24 hours after the expiration of the seven-day ultimatum delivered to Falz to apologize to Muslims and withdraw his popular video, "This is Nigeria," about what the group called scenes "insensitive, thoughtless and highly provocative."

They will not sue again, a statement published today however explains the net passage of MURIC.

The declaration…

"It is not a U-turn but a sudden change in tactics, which will have a more lasting impact not only on Falz but on the entire entertainment industry, it will also make agencies carry out their responsibilities and inject a great deal of discipline into the music industry and the cinema in general.

"Although he stopped before apologizing, the artist has tried to clean himself up in the published interviews available to us, saying that he did not intend to ridicule Muslims. the plight of the Chibok girls, although we believe that she has done it in the wrong way.

"A scene in the video in which the 'Chibok girls' are thoughtful would have been more representative of reality on the ground because the kidnapped girls can not be dancing like people under the influence of the drug, they are in captivity and they do not have any cause under the sun to retire.

Once again, the Fulanis (Muslims) were painted as murderers, while the Benue militias (Christians), who whisper Fulani cattle and murder their wives and children were not introduced.

"This is grossly unfair." Falz should find a way to balance his video. The kidnappers of the southeast (also Christians) were saved while the oil saboteurs of the Niger Delta (Christians too) were ignored. The Falz video is loaded with Islamophobia. That video should be titled 'This is not Nigeria.' It is an attack on Islam. The video regulatory agency in Nigeria should, therefore, prohibit the video or ask the artist to edit it correctly.

"With this latest development and even before the expiration of the seven-day ultimatum, MURIC no longer contemplates a legal action against Falz, nor demand any apology from him or his management." The probable monetary gain in the case of a judicial validation of our We are no longer interested in looking at Falz, but in a broader image.

"The courts will only be interested in the legal aspects, the legal and the technical aspects, but the video board will look beyond all that, is it professional, is it balanced, is it truly representative of our country, is it morally justifiable? "This is what will interest the board and is in tune with our thinking." We thank the artists and our goal is not to punish Falz He is not a lazy Nigerian youth.

"The issue will now go to the government agencies that are supposed to do their job in the first place - instead of creating media tension and cheap popularity, this issue will now be handled by professionals who know what to do."

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