Sunday, 3 June 2018

Most Baby Mamas are one-night stands - Actress Charity Nnaji

The actress, producer and charismatic comedy of Abuja, Charity Nnaji seems to have the genes of controversy embedded in his system.

The actress, who once claimed that BBNaija's roommates earn more money sleeping with politicians, has presented another damning statement that most baby moms are products of a single night.

Speaking with Popurri in a WhatsApp chat, the pretty mother of one said it was a find she could take to the bank, backing her claim with a conversation she said she had with a musician.

"I was talking to a popular musician and he told me that he was drunk after performing on stage only for him to return to his hotel room and that the show host had a girl waiting for him in his room," he said.

"What happened next, he said he could remember, but he knew that he had actually made love that night, but he could not tell if it came inside the girl or not." A month later, he told me that the girl called him to inform him I was pregnant, that's how most of the baby moms in the entertainment industry came to be, most of them are the product of a single night, this is not the only case I know, there are many other cases, "he joked. She added that she is not happy that beautiful girls in Nigeria become baby moms overnight.

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