Saturday, 30 June 2018

Michael Jackson Returns Posthumously On Drake New Album "Scorpion"

 The icon of legendary pop icon, multiple-award-winning Michael Jackson, goes on sale with new music in a special appearance on rapper Drake's long-awaited new album.

Almost a decade after his death, the late King of Pop appeared in a song by "Scorpion", the fifth studio album by the hip hop star of Toronto, which took another surprise when using the release to clarify about his secret son .

Young Money rapper Drake, whose sensitivity to catchy beats has made him one of the best-selling artists of recent years, the 25-song album that came out on Friday expands defiantly as if it resisted the traditional boundaries of records .

However, Drake divides Scorpion in two: a first "side" in which he perfects his rap skills and a more unexpected second half in which Drake branches more into pop.

"Do not Matter To Me", the song with Jackson, belongs firmly to Drake's pop mode.

The 31-year-old man demonstrates his good faith as a singer, his rendition of penetrating rap gave way to a full texture silkiness that complements Jackson's higher ranges.

A half-time dreamy track powered by a synthesized low R & B, Do not Matter To Me is in line with the adult production of Jackson, whose distinct voice is heard in the chorus.

"Suddenly you say you do not love me anymore / Suddenly you say I closed the door / I do not care," Jackson sings.

Drake did not reveal anything about the genesis of the song.

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