Thursday, 28 June 2018

Messi Wore An Amulet Before Playing Against Nigeria

The soccer star, Lionel Messi, surprised a journalist after revealing that he still carries a lucky charm that the journalist's wife gave him after the first match of Argentina in the World Cup, in which he tied 1-1. with Iceland.

Argentina beat Nigeria 2-1 in a dramatic match of the World Cup at the St. Petersburg stadium, Russia, to qualify for the last 16.

Lionel Messi showing the amulet

With the pressure of the country on Messi's shoulders, he opened his account before Marcos Rojo scored a dramatic winner at the end of the 86th minute.

After the contest, a reporter asked him [in Spanish]: "After the first game I gave you a good luck charm that my wife gave me, I do not know if you still have it or they threw it or something ..."

To the great astonishment of the journalist, Messi says "look at this" before pulling his sock to reveal the amulet around his ankle. The couple continued talking and Messi went to the locker room to continue the celebrations.

Going to the camera, the journalist pointed to the heavens and said: "Mama, Messi used it."

Meanwhile, Rojo also paid tribute to Messi after the game by revealing that his teammate gave them an inspired half-time team that saw them go over the line.

Rojo revealed: "He told everyone that it was life or death, that we had the duty to mark, to shoot when we had the chance.

"It could have gone wrong, we could have given in, but Leo was stubborn." He told me to run forward. Even (Javier) Mascherano. "He told everyone to attack no matter what." He really read the game and the risks. He is a leader. The best."

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