Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Man Disgraced foe Reportedly R*ping Goat To Death

A middle-aged man was allegedly surprised with s * x with a goat. According to reports, the young man had sx with the goat until he died.

According to Facebook user Daniel Ogbeide, who lives in Lagos and shared the photos on Facebook, the boy was paraded after he was caught and no more details were given about what happened to the child.

Daniel Ogbeide shared the photos on Facebook and wrote;

"Boy caught having s * x with a go to 🐐 until the goat died." Girls see wetin una cus, one does not know how to say that children receive hormones for the body or go to touch the head, come to this poor hormones boy don't get up do not fuck go away when dying.I can't stop laughing "

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