Sunday, 17 June 2018

Kidnapper Who Made Over N50 million From Kidnapping Captured In Imo State

A known kidnapper identified as Patrick Bori, who allegedly specialized in the kidnapping of people older than 80 years or more, has been captured by men from the Imo State Police command.

It was learned that Bori was arrested last Thursday by the Anti-Kidnapping Squadron of the Command following the kidnapping of Reginald Nkwocha, 84, of the Umuanyika Community in the Local Government Area of ​​Ngor Okpala, Adolphus Akagha, 94, of Umuele Irete in the Area of ​​the Western Council of Owerri, and Dorathy Nkwo, 82, of Ntu in the Ngor Okpala Council Area of ​​the State of Imo.

According to Punch, Bori, 34, popularly known as Bori, comes from Obiakpu in the Ohaji / Egbema LGA state and operated with a Uchenna Emerenjo also from the same community.

On Thursday, the state police commissioner, Dasuki Galandanchi, reported that the suspect was arrested after the kidnapping of the three victims: Nkwocha, Akagha and Nkwo on November 21, 2017, on November 29, 2017 and May 7, 2017. 2018, respectively. .

The PC said: "After the kidnapping of the three people, the operations of the Anti-kidnapping Unit through a tactically coordinated operation on May 23, 2018 located the suspect in connection with the crime."

The police chief also stated that the suspect had kidnapped the elderly in order to force and collect large amounts of ransoms from their children.

Galandanchi, who said that a pumping rifle was recovered from Bori as an exhibit, noted that the suspect had confessed to the crime and other heinous criminal activities he had carried out with his gang in the state. The PC also stated that the investigation was in progress.

When raising questions from journalists, Bori confessed to being the leader of the gang in the kidnapping of the three victims and some others.

He also confessed that he had realized more than N50m of the illicit business.

"About why I preferred older people," Bori said, "they do not have the strength to escape from my lair, while they keep them there, they stay until a ransom is paid, I do not have a fixed ransom. of the value of the victim, we do not keep them very much for fear of abandoning the ghost. "

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