Saturday, 30 June 2018

IMSU Student Cuts-off Lover's Manhood After making Love In Owerri

This is how an Internet user, Chimeremeze Uzondu, who is a journalist, narrated the impressive story online;

"Just this morning, I run to the loyalty bank Douglas on my way to the transaction, just to see a girl breathing and panting like a dying cow, I asked what happened, an eyewitness told me that the girl cut off the manhood of a man.

Then I pressed more to get the real story that was counted as: the girl called the victim late in the afternoon yesterday that she wants him around, the boy asked her to go, asked the guy to go look for her hostel in imsu, with his car, the guy went and picked her up, after they did everything and had s * x, around 4 a.m. this morning the girl took a knife to cut the manhood d, but the manhood did not fall completely, before The guy woke up and raised the alarm.

The brothers went out and hugged the girl, and took the boy to the hospital, after sewing masculinity and other medical logistics, the bill came to N300kplus, they asked the girl to pay, she accepted and took them to the bank of fidelity to remove them. , and when she arrived at the loyalty bank, the girl refused to retire, that has aroused the curiosity of the men to know what was happening.

The girl, when asked about her own version of the story, accepted the above, but insisted that they agreed to pay N6k at night, and after the deal, the guy told her to wait for the morning to come, She got angry and the devil took possession of her that made her cut off from virility.

In the blink of an eye, the entire banking environment was crowded with young people asking the bank to free the girl that she should be lynched but the bank's security resisted the idea and called the police to pick up the girl .

The girl, when asked if she was an imsu student, accepted that she is in the last year, but refused to say her name and department at that university. "

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