Friday, 8 June 2018

How A Texa's Woman Faked Pregnancy After Suffering Miscarriage Before Murdering Friend To Steal Baby....

A woman who suffered a miscarriage managed to meet a friend who had just given birth, murdered her and stole her baby, claiming it was his.

Yesenia Sesmas did not tell any of her relatives and friends when she lost the baby she expected and continued "as before".

She prepared a daycare in her home in Texas and, when it was time to show photos, she had pictures of a newborn girl.

But the baby was not his, reports People magazine, and it was actually photos of a former colleague who had sent them to him.

When friends and family asked where his daughter was, on November 17, 2016, Sesmas drove from Dallas to Wichita, Kansas, where he murdered Laura Abarca, who had sent him the photos, and stole Sophia, her six-day-old baby .

He returned to his home in Texas and gave him the baby.

On Tuesday, Sesmas, 37, was convicted of first-degree murder, kidnapping and aggravated interference with the custody of the parents.

He faces life in prison without parole, which reaches a minimum of 50 years, when he is sentenced next month.

According to the evidence presented at the trial, Abarca was shot once in the forehead while the women were alone with the baby in the department of Wichita in Abarca.

Sesmas then put Sophia in a diaper bag, took her to his truck, tied the baby to a seat for the car she had brought and returned to Texas, reports the Wichita Eagl e.

Abarca's boyfriend discovered her dead and Sophia disappeared when she arrived home from work that afternoon.

Less than two days later, Sophia, who became known as "Baby Sophia" during the media frenzy, found herself healthy and unharmed at the Sesmas house in Dallas when a SWAT police team raided her.

Sesmas became the main suspect when the detectives found telephone messages that the women exchanged the previous day and the day of the murder and the kidnapping.

Prosecutors argued that Sesmas planned the murder and kidnapping.

After aborting, she had lied to her family and friends for months about being pregnant.

She even held a baby shower party where she accepted the gifts and claimed that the photos of Sophia she received from Abarca were from her own newborn baby.

Sesmas had reached a dead end and "or was going to have to go home with a baby" or explained her lies to those who knew her, Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett told the jury during Tuesday's final pleadings. .

"When he entered that apartment on November 17, 2016, there were only two ways this would end," Bennett said in court.

He went to bed in Texas thinking "he would wake up and raise that baby and his life would start," he said.

Sesmas affirmed in the court that Abarca agreed to deliver Sophia after she was born, but she retracted the deal.

In interviews with investigators and the media, he said he took the gun to Abarca's apartment only to threaten to turn over Sophia and that he had no plan to kill her.

This was "unplanned and spontaneous," said public defender Jason Smartt when it was his turn to present the final arguments to the jury.

"She did not know what (the gun) was going to shoot, and she was surprised when she did," he said, adding that a person who premeditated a murder would try to distance himself from the crime and would not leave. evidence as a cap on the scene.

"She did not intend to kill Laura."

The juries reached their verdict after deliberating for less than three hours on Tuesday. The test began on May 29.

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