Friday, 1 June 2018

Delta Lawmaker empowers constituents with 'Cutlasses'

Lovette Ederin Isisi, from the Ethiopian constituency in the state of Delta, put smiles on the faces of some of her constituents by sharing machetes, insecticides and buckets among them to boost agricultural productivity.

The 45-year-old man was photographed smiling at the camera while posing for photos with his constituents during the presentation of the empowerment materials.

The development has broken the ribs of users of social networks in Nigeria.

It will be remembered that Senator Shehu Sani once empowered his constituents with transistor radios, the Benue state government trained indigenes with wheelbarrows, the Anambra governor, Willie Obiano, was accused of training people with barrels of water while the governor of the state of Borno adopted one and other kits.

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