Friday, 22 June 2018

Dangote Daughter's Marriage In Tatters, Husband Allegedly Impregnates Mystery Woman (Photos)

 Behind the ostentation and glamor of society, the wedding of Nigerian upper class children: Fatima Dangote and Abubakar Jamil were supposedly infidels with the hope of not being caught.

Irene Chiamaka Nwachukwu aka Goddess Irene, a graduate of Mass Communiucations, accused newly-married Abubakar Jamil of being the father of her son.

According to her, she had been sleeping with the son of the former inspector general of the police, Mohammed Abubakar, for a long time without realizing that he was committed to Fatima Dangote not to mention marrying her.

As the romance progressed, she supposedly became pregnant with Jamil, whose marriage to Fatima was the talk of the nation, with the assistance of a galaxy of stars in March 2018. According to her account, she safely delivered the child which became a source of concern for Jamil who is trying to protect his marriage.

He is currently threatening his life in order to prevent a word of his infidelity from leaking to his wife, who is expected to break through the revelation.

Chiamaka took her Instagram account to raise the alarm about threats to her life from Jamil to silence her after efforts to cut her a fat check to silence her and stop working.

It will be remembered that Eko Hotels and Suites hosted the wedding of Fatima Dangote and Abubakar Jamil. The wedding was attended by those who matter around the world, including Bill Gates, with colorful images that dominate the media space for weeks.

Read the account given by Miss Irene who has been presenting her son on his Instagram page below:

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