Thursday, 21 June 2018

Couple's Wedding: Chubby Man Marries Slim Woman

 A sweet couple is celebrating their marriage and have shared photos online for people.

However, the wedding photos of the couple have become the cause of a serious online commotion since many people have reacted by asking if it really is about love.

The decision of an unidentified African woman to marry her throbbing and chubby heart with a big stomach has left many people wondering if there is nothing that love can not unite.

The photos of the drunk couple in love and in different costumes emerged online recently. Although there is still speculation about the exact country of Africa from which they come, you can see the woman dressed in her wedding dress while the man poses beside her in his well-cut suit.

Many believe that it is the true love that united them, however, others believe that it should be the man's money that made the wife settle for such a big man.

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