Thursday, 28 June 2018

Comedian, Deacon Loses His Son In Enugu

 Deacon Famous, a Nigerian Comedian has lost his son, Troy.

The comedian and his family were thrown into serious mourning today after his son died in Enugu state, in the morning.

The grieving actor said he was rushed to Enugu this morning only to see Troy's corpse.

Announcing his son's passing on Instagram, he wrote: "Never thought I would wake up this morning and not find you, never thought I would rush to Enugu this morning just to see your corpse.

"Such a smart kid." I do not even know what to say again but why my Troy? Why why why? Devil, you must stay away from me and my loved ones.

"Devil you have been put to shame and you have been defeated and affliction shall not rise the second time. Rest in peace my boy.

"We love you."

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