Monday, 4 June 2018

#BBNaija: Moment Police Officer Pointed A Gun At Nina (Photos)

 The madness of the moment, Nina released some lovely birthday photos that are gaining attention over the Internet. She flavored her image with a subtle political message to express her position against oppression and other diseases that fight against the Nigerian state.

A policeman was seen trying to damage her with his gun in a beach environment. The native of the state of Imo has been described as the most photogenic lady of the Big Brother Naija 2018 ensemble.

Read his post: "Let me use my little voice, very little press but a great creative mind to say" THIS IS NIGERIA "and we will not be intimidated by trolls, intimidated by oppressors, weakened by those who hate or fear SARS or the government that are a democracy, and the young people of this nation have a voice, it is in our generation that we must change this country. @tiannahsplacempire thank you for always trusting in my work and for letting me be me. @nina_ivy_ thanks for taking the address and lending your face to be creative with God bless Nigeria @abusalamiphotography #nigeria # usa # ghana #liberia #unitedkingdom # australia # southafrica #barbados # gambia # bigbrothernaija

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